Tired of juggling work, daily responsibilities, family time, and personal fulfillment? A personal assistant will not only tackle all the tasks that take up your time, but also free up your days to do the things you enjoy.

Good Samaritan’s personal assistants in the Christchurch, will tackle your long to-do list with white-glove service. We carefully match you with one of our experienced professionals, based on your needs and lifestyle. Our mature, experienced personal assistants are exceedingly detail-oriented, often getting to know your routines and requests so well they can anticipate your needs.

We will work with you to draw up a plan of personal assistant services based on your specific needs.

The services of our personal assistants include:

  • Home management and maintenance
  • Home renovation (managing and overseeing)
  • Bill paying
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Entertainment, party, and travel planning
  • Grocery and personal shopping
  • Litigation support (gathering and organizing documents, managing appraisals, etc.)
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Insurance claim filing
  • Help for the holidays

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