Our experts specializes in the best head massages to make you feel relaxed and relieve your brain from stress. We also offers a varied range of back and neck massages to relieve the pain and help you feel amazing during and after the massage.

When you look at your head, all you can see is just a mop of hair (or lack of there) and your scalp. What this part of your body is holding inside is more important than you think. Your brain, a clump of thousands of nerves and their functioning. While it’s impossible to massage the “brain”, O2 Spa’s expertly trained professional therapists can massage the skull by putting the right amount of pressure with finger tips.

The Neck and back massage usually involves our expert therapists gliding their hands on your neck and back, and squeezing, gentle thumping, kneading and many more techniques to unblock the knots inside your muscles and boost blood circulation.

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