Facial message is the best way to cleanse, brighten, and improve the health of the facial skin. Good Samaritan has the ideal facial for every skin type. Our beauticians are trained to provide skincare consultations regarding your skin type and the ideal facial for it.

Be it premature aging or just a natural process of aging. Some of us don’t like to look our age. The conscious feeling of ‘forever young’ engulfs our mind, which is a good thing if you love to work on yourself. Anti-aging facial to make you look 10 times younger and fresh with the unique technology used in the Good Samaritan's very exclusive anti-aging facial spa.

The procedure here includes cleansing the skin with rejuvenating fresh water, followed by applying the special anti-aging/anti- wrinkle compound mix on the face and let it sit on for a few minutes. After which, it is thoroughly cleaned with the used of soft sterilized cotton. An exercise procedure for the skin with a gentle massage on the face to rejuvenate the skin from inside and washing away the toxins and the dead cells. Book now!.

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